The issues you encounter as a...

We help you to have quickly  a global vision of your expenses so as to determinate your stakes/issues and your priorities in terms of purchasing. This type of service goes through a mapping phase, necessary to priorities the actions. We can adopt two different approaches: either a ‘macro’ approach through a flash action, or a ‘deeper’ approach with a full mapping.

  • Flash mapping: data retrieval from the general accountancy balance and first suppliers qualification. The purpose is build a first mapping  between accounting account and purchasing nomenclature to identify the stakes, the scope as well as the main assets to activate.
  • Full mapping: on top of the flash diagnostic’s actions, we organize some individual interviews with the main operational directions in order to apprehend the operational specificities .These interviews enable to propose some recommendations at an organizational level (supply processes, budget circuits, etc.).


Purchasing Director
We help you to optimize certain purchasing categories on which the do not have the technical expertise within your company. It can concern either unstable markets, or complicated and specific issues for which it is necessary to have an expert dealing with the subject. This is worth both for spots purchases and recurrent purchases.


We enable you to use new negotiation tools on different purchasing categorie, notably thanks to our centrale purchasing program. This program, if you become a member, enables you to mutualize your volumes with other members so that you can benefit from very competitive prices.
CPO Solutions' centrale purchasing program covers a large scope of purchasing categories.