CPO Solutions offers 4 types of services...

Indirect purchase mapping
The mapping is an important step in order to identify your economic and operational stakes and to define clearly your indirect purchasing issues. This first step consists in mapping your indirect purchases which will enable us to to have an exhaustive visibility of the current situation. Mapping is often the starting point of our methodology.
Centrale purchasing program
'Strenght through unity', that is why our multi-members negotiations enable our clients to access immediately to not only some prices as competitive as if they were multinationals, but also to work with top-of-the-range suppliers. 
To become a member of our purchasing centralization program enables you to unite your purchasing volumes with other big companies so as to generate three main types of benefits :
                1- process : rationalisation of the time spent to manage your purchases (contracts' implementation, purchasing tools' implementation, etc.),
                2- financial : competitive tariffs thanks to the purchasing centralization program and an access to top-of-the range suppliers,
                3- durable : long-time follow-up of the contracts with regular negotiations and operational advices to optimize the expense.

Few examples : interim, office supply, business trips, building and civil engineering rentals, recruitment, long term car rentals, telephony, computing, etc.

Operational advice
CPO Solutions offers you a long-term partnership to regurlarly negotiate your contracts so that you can obtain immediate and long term benefits. 
Solutions implementation
We can also help you in the implementation of some ambitious saving plans, as well as in putting in place some key processes in order to change the consumption habits within your company.