A story born out of experience…
CPO Solutions was founded by a group of purchasing experts' will to make available to the market their know-how - not only in the purchasing field - but also in the implementation and the accompaniment of ambitious costs reduction programs.

What are indirect purchases?
Indirect purchases (also called non-production related costs or non-commercial costs) covers all the expenses necessary for the well functioning of a company. It is different from direct purchases which are the strategic expenses to produce the products or services a company sells.
Examples of indirect purchases: interim, business trips, telephony, formation, construction, maintenance, office supply, office furnitures, etc.

Why indirect purchases?
Indirect purchases remain one of the last lines in a profit and loss account that is often non-optimised in companies despite the significant stakes.
CPO Solutions act upon this in two ways:

  • Cost optimisation : we use indirect purchases to leverage savings by negotiating the price, primarily as a result of purchase centralisation.
  • Process optimisation : we focus on internal optimisation processes, notably putting in place shuttles on volume reduction or changes in consumption customs. CPO Solutions enables companies without significant buying power to offer a specialised purchasing team and enables the companies which, within certain markets, do not have critical volumes to obtain attractive purchasing conditions.

An innovative concept inspired by experience in providing solutions for multinational organisations
CPO Solutions offer a long-term and tailor-made partnership leading from procurement process mapping to operational consulting on price sensitive markets. Concerning categories that have lower stakes, CPO Solutions offers their clients membership to a central procurement service that will enable them to benefit from pre-negotiated tariffs.

Our methods have become a point of reference within the indirect purchasing consulting market as well as in the purchasing centralisation field.
To join our purchasing central is to benefit from a set of operational services accompanied on a long-term and tailor-made basis: providing access to greater purchasing power than if you were alone along with proven methods and strong technical expertise.

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